Kratos at work

[PS2] More bloody God of War II shots to goggle at

As God of War II has a 2007 release date, we're all going to have to wait patiently before we can take control of the walking engine of murder that is Kratos. But to make the wait a little bit more bearable, we have some action-packed new shots of the sequel to share with you.

Now sitting on his throne in Olympus as the new god of war, Kratos is still a tormented soul, and so must get off his dusty ass to embark on a new quest to find some sort of salvation - which apparently means tearing monsters apart in horrifically brutal ways.

While the new game will maintain the same level of intensity, the puzzle sections are getting an overhaul to make them more of challenge. Also, this time around, Kratos will be able to take to the sky on the back of Pegasus. Altogether it should make for a worthy successor to what was, for many, the game of 2005.

July 5. 2006


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