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Klonoa 2 Dream Champ Tournament Cheats

  • Stall your 2-5 boss

    This code ONLY works if your facing the 2-5 boss's. you have a MOO(foe/enemy) and carry it to any cannon and throw it at the cannon. the cannon will turn and stall the enemy for you. he can't do that to you so you have a big advantage. NOTE:THE BEST STALLING MOO YOU CAN HAVE IS THE BOMB MOO. STALLS FOR AT LEAST 3SEC.
    Submitted by Richard Hershey
  • How to beat bosses made easy

    This is a list of bosses and how to beat them

    1:The circle worm:
    this one takes a while if your new but its easy if you've played and want to unlock the gallery. Same for the rest. Anyhow, when you start out you'll see a worm rolling, RUN this is an attacker. run down the hill and jump the ledge and pick up the moo with your ring. if your ahead ALOT super. wait for the worm to jump BUT in he is in the air, throw the moo at him and his eyes will open and he'll have an expression like,"wtf mate?" that's when you grab another one and RUN!!! if you keep hitting the worm with it, it will recover and run/roll again and you can't hit it for 1-3 sec.
    Bosses 2-3:
    these are easy. all you do is play the lvl. But if the boss is in front of you,(you can't see him for some reason...)on the birds view thing, if his face is past yours (even thought my guy wasn't past me) throw a moo in the cannon and it will shoot your enemy and stall him. like in the other code I put in, bombs work best.
    Submitted by Richard Hershey

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