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  • Side Step

    When you are on the Monkey Temple Ruins level,and are in the first mud pit, press yourself against the far left wall. Do a high jump and you should slip past the spikes.
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  • Level Passwords

    Lvl 2 Rufus, Wade, Kim, Shego, Kim, Kim, Kim
    Lvl 3 Ron, Drakken, Kim, Drakken, Shego, Monkey, Kim
    Lvl 4 Rufus, Drakken, Kim, Shego, Drakken, Monkey, Kim
    Lvl 5 Kim, Wade, Monkey, Wade, Shego, Monkey, Kim
    Lvl 6 Rufus, Wade, Monkey, Wade, Drakken, Kim, Kim
    Lvl 7 Ron, Guard, Monkey, Guard, Shego, Ron, Kim
    Lvl 8 Rufus, Drakken, Monkey, Wade, Drakken, Ron, Ron
    Pics and Intermissions Ron, Kim, Kim, Guard, Guard, Guard, Guard

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