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Jurassic Park: Lost World Cheats, Codes & Guides

Jurassic Park: Lost World Cheats

  • Be different dinosaurs

    To be the different dinosaurs put these in at the password sreen:one at a time:

    Hunter and Prey are humans so don't fell disappointed.....
    Submitted by DRC-GENERAL WOLF
  • Many Lives

    At the password screen press: Triangle,x,square,Triangle,circle,x,square,circle,square,Triangle,x,circle.
    Submitted by Mr.Bigglesworth
  • Level Select

    Entry location: (INVALID CODE?? This code was reported invalid by Users-You Decide! Maybe it works, maybe it doesn't?)
    At the password screen press S, X, O, T, T, X, S, O, T, O, X, S.(T=Triangle,S=square)An invalid password sound will result,but ignore it. Repeat the code two more times.Press => and <= to selct dinosaurs and up ande down to select levels. You get very few lives so be careful!Also, you have re-enter the whole thing to select a different level.
    Submitted by Technomann12128
  • Fly High

    When in hunter or prey levels, press L1+Up+X+Square. Hold down these until your gun stops shooting. This is more for fun because this screws you all up. Enter the code a couple of times and you'll fly int a black nothingness.
    Submitted by None

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