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Jimmy Neutron Cheats, Codes & Guides

Jimmy Neutron Cheats

  • Unlimited jetpack for jimmy

    On earth in jimmy's shed, before you go into his secret lab there is a switch on the ceiling in the far right corner, when you press it a jet pack re-feuler appears and it can't run out and it stays with you in all levels
    Submitted by jimbo jinchugger
  • Play as a yokian

    When you are Goddard on the yokian planet you simply kill it so it is in a pile of goo on the floor then you stand on top of it ,press start then you just hit select+A+B+R+left
    Submitted by None
  • Level Codes

    Easy difficulty
    Level: Password:
    Asteroids WM5DR5H3MCLB
    Yokian Moon KVZQG3Q50LZG
    Yolkus 51867F7MJ5YP
    Yokian Palace MMS-KXBVC4FS
    Dungeon N?+94T1?DJXW
    Poutra 939BSYT41N0Z
    King Goobot BD5VVRDF3GXV
    End 3L!VPH26V7$8

    Hard difficulty
    Level: Password:
    Asteroids 2040YL61TT0T
    Yokian Moon GGP6WCC273-3
    Yolkus 2H?-!L81TT0K
    Yokian Palace +R6H!L91TT0F
    Dungeon 456N$DWBWM?F
    Poutra XZ16F2F8NS$!
    King Goobot GRZB87HNYFR2
    End +CLT3LD1TTSF
    Submitted by None

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