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Jazz Jackrabbit 2 Cheats, Codes & Guides

Jazz Jackrabbit 2 Cheats

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    Type any of the following during the game.

    jjgod - godmode
    jjguns - all weopons
    jjammo - all ammo
    jjrush - sugar rush
    jjfly - helicopter ears, type again for hoverboard
    jjk - self destruct
    jjshield - power shield
    jjnext - level skip
    jjlight - fully light level
    jjlight - Light mode
    jjbird - bird assistance
    jjcoins - get coins
    jjgems - get jems
    jjending - return tomain menu
    jjq - quit to desktop
    jjmorph - chance into spaz, type again to become a bird, type again to become a frog, type a fourth time to chance back to jazz
    jjkill - suicide
    jjpower power ups
    jjnowalls - no walls
    Submitted by The Ry Dude

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