Available on: PS1

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In the Hunt Cheats

  • Stage Select

    Before you start a game, highlight the start option and press Up/Left,Circle and Select.This will access a stage select cheat.
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  • Change speed

    Shoot-'em-up fans who like their action to be fast and furious mayhave been a little disappointed with In The Hunt but not any more...You can speed the game up by pausing the game and then unpausing it,whilst holding down both the Triangle and R2 buttons simultaneously. To slow down pause, hold L2 + Triangle and resume the game
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  • Unlimited Continues

    For an unlimited number of continues, hold down the Triangle and Select buttons while pressing start after you've died.
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  • Extra Lives

    Press the Start button on contrroller #2 immediately before losing the last life. More lives will be available for extra play
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Available Platforms: PS1