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Hype: The Time Quest Cheats, Codes & Guides

Hype: The Time Quest Cheats

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    During Play enter one of the following codes
    littletroll Toggle HP regeneration while standing
    littlegogoud Toggle magic regeneration while standing
    leben Max Life
    hermetik Toggle infinite magic
    houdini Toggle infinite arrows
    ouioui Get 10 blue arrows (Reported as youngelf also)
    nonnon Get 10 red arrows (Reported as oldelf also)
    grolo Get 1 more of each inventory item
    tunnel Camera change
    frik Give 1 to 99 Plastyks
    protek Restore shield
    thereyougo Get All Magics
    wonderful Fast Running
    pouletfrit Get Speed boots
    toutundefi Destroy Hype's armor
    end02 Hit Barnak once to kill him in the Top Tower
    epok1 Epok 1 completed
    epok2 Epok 2 completed
    epok3 Epok 3 completed
    epok4 Epok 4 completed
    thundergod Invincible
    hype Max Life
    druide or druidik Max Magic
    gork Max Armor
    glittergold Get $$
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