Available on: PS3, Xbox

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House of the Dead 3 Cheats

  • Unlock House of The Dead 2

    Beat the game once on House of The Dead 3 to unlock House of The Dead 2 .
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  • Free play mode

    Beat the game on time attack mode, then go to options and switch the number of credits to free play mode.
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  • New Blood Color

    Finish the game in original mode and a new option will be on the option menu
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  • Double Points

    During the start of chapter 1, right after it asks you entrance or parking, look for a silver dish (on the left side when your facing the building). If you shoot it your points will double. They will continue to double until you stop shooting it.
    Submitted by Mista G
  • Unlock All Bosses In the House Of the Dead 2's Boss Mode

    First beat the house of the dead 3 on survival mode, then you'll see the house of the dead 2.choose boss mode and get four stars on all the bosses. then u will unlock the emperor and fight all.
    Submitted by DARKMASTER##@

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Available Platforms: PS3, Xbox
Published by: Sega