Home Hints

  • Uncharted - Sully's Bar Codes

    Entry location: Door Keypad
    Downstair's Door - 1024 first and then 1577 383

    Upstair's Left Door - 41675

    Upstair's Right Door - 24312
    Submitted by dedalus86

Home Unlockables

  • Unlockable Arcade Clothing

    Echochrome Outfit(gloves, shirt, pants, shoes) - Receive 4000 points on Level A
    Echochrome T-shirt - Receive 6,000 points on Level B
    Echochrome Table - Receive 20,000 points on Level C
    Echochrome Thinking man Trophy - Receive 10,000 points on Level B
    Echochrome Trophy - Receive 10,000 points on level A
    Ice Breaker-Beanie Hat - Beat Level 5
    Ice Breaker-Pants - Beat Level 13
    Ice Breaker-Penguin Ornament/Trophy - Beat Level 20
    Ice Breaker-Shirt - Beat Level 8
    Ice Breaker-Shoes - Beat Level 16
    Submitted by Fabulous Dancer
  • Cole's Costume In inFamous

    When you download the inFAMOUS demo from the PlayStation Store and you finish the demo, you get Cole's costume.
    Submitted by Davey

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Available Platforms: PS3
Published by: SCEA
Developed by: SCEI, Sony