Available on: Xbox, PS2

High Rollers Casino Cheats, Codes & Guides

High Rollers Casino Cheats

  • Easy money

    First start a new game. second bet all your money on roulette (red or black doesn't matter). If you lose DO NOT SAVE, load your auto save game. fourth repeat process until you win. fifth overwrite your auto save. repeat All steps and you will have lots of $ in a matter of minutes!
    Submitted by jasper
  • Easy money

    This is an easy way to make $4,000. Enter a blackjack tournament (It will cost you $1,000 entry fee). Always bet $10. Everyone else will only bet like $3. Even if you only win half the time, you will walk away with 4 grand after 30 hands.
    Submitted by Kevin B.

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Available Platforms: Xbox, PS2