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  • Crazy Codes

    Entry location: Press TAB and input following codes:
    nwconlyamodel = build all buildings in your castle
    nwcsirrobin = immediate failure
    nwctrojanrabbit = immediate success
    nwcavertingoureyes = hero gain extra 35 archangel
    nwcantioch = hero gain tent, ballista and ammo
    nwcigotbetter = hero gain 1 level up
    nwccastleanthrax = hero gain toppest luck
    nwccoconuts = hero gain unlimited move points
    nwcmuchrejoicing = hero gain top morale
    nwcalreadygotone = see the full revealed secret item map
    nwcgeneraldirection = see the full map
    nwcshrubbery = all source increased
    nwctim = hero gain all magic and 999 spell points
    nwcfleshwound = Hero gets Death Knights
    nwcphisherprice = Bright Colors
    nwcagents = Gey 10 knights for all blank slots
    nwclotsofguns = Get all war machines
    nwcneo = Gain 1 level
    nwctrinity = Fill empty slots with 5 Archangels
    nwcfollowthewhiterabbit = Max out luck
    nwcnebuchadnezzer = Movement unlimited
    nwcmorpheous = Max out morale
    nwcoracle = Show puzzle map
    nwcwhatsthematrix = Show World map
    nwcbluepill = Instant Loss of game
    nwcredpill = Instant win of game
    nwctheconstruct = Get 100,000 gold and 100 of every resource
    nwczion = Get all buildings
    nwcphisherprice = Weird color scheme
    nwcthereisnospoon = Get 999 Mana and all spells
    Submitted by yago

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