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Heist [2000] Cheats, Codes & Guides

Heist [2000] Cheats

  • Max health

    During gameplay press Right CTRL + Shift + H
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Heist [2000] Hints

  • Walkthrough Submitted By Pedro

    ? NOTE from the author:
    This is my first walkthrough, so don't expect much! I tried
    to do my best to help other's so they don't experience
    the same problems like I did. I hope you like it.
    ? TRAINER:
    My first advise to you is to get a "Trainer", it helps you
    with three things: Unlimited Bankroll, God mode and
    Freeze time. You'll see that these things will be
    It's a program that runs at the same time with the game and
    offers you the chance to enable the functions that you
    After doing the download Unzip the file containing the
    trainer. Remmember where it is.
    Every time you want to use it you must first start playing
    the game and during the game press: "Alt + Tab" and you
    minimize the game. Now go to the trainer and open it,
    choose the function you want and DO NOT close it. Leave
    it running and press the game window to keep on playing.
    In this walkthrough I will not tell you when to use it.
    That's up to you!
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  • Walkthrough Submitted By Pedro

    ? CHEATS:
    he only one that I know is: "right Ctrl + right Shift + H"
    this increases the health of all team.
    ? ADVISE:
    Before letting you know all the details, be sure to know
    how to use weapons and tools very quickly. Experience how
    to handle many crewmmenbers at the same time making them
    do different tasks, or else You'll Be Sorry!!
    Now let's get to the good stuff...
    1st Mission:
    1. Answer the telephone
    2. Buy shotgun from Gun Store
    3. Heist Pharmacy
    4. Buy/heist lockpics from Electroshop (you can sell the medikits
    by draggind them over the store)
    5. Go and get the Veteran (small house in the left corner) and
    give him the shotgun
    6. Heist: this House, the 5 Trailers (one is unuvailable), the
    Bus Station, the Trailer in the Junkyard, the Hardware Store,
    the small House near police station and the one near the
    7. Get the Eletronics guy (in the motel) and give him the
    8. Heist: the Bank, the Restaurant, the Grocery store, the
    Electronics store, the Gun store and the Trailer that you
    couldn't heist before.
    9. Go near the Bus and near 00:00 enter it.
    10. First level is done.
    ? Between all levels try to buy all the equipment that
    you don't have and give to the team member that has the
    best skill to use it.
    2nd Mission:
    1. Answer the phone
    2. Heist every house in the area (except the Prison)
    3. Make the necessary contacts to get an ID card. Do not try to
    enter the prison or else you'll be in serious trouble- head back
    4. Enter the Restaurant, the Flowerist, the Bikers Bar and the
    Motel  always pay when needed!
    5. Listen carefully what they tell you and proceed according to
    6. To get an ID Card you have to kill one guard which will be
    marked after you pay the guy in the Biker's bar (near the
    7. After you killed him pick up everything he dropped, eventually
    the ID Card.
    8. Return to the bar so they can place your ID on that card.
    9. Pass the ID Card to another team member with good lockpicking
    skills and "no Heat"
    10. When ready make your way to the prison and enter.
    11. Head for the two center blocks (rectangular shape) with fences
    all around and only one door to enter. (If you want don't make
    any contacts and just start killing cops and when they're dead
    some of them will drop: money, a donut, a vest and an ID card
    (looks like "man underware"!) ? pick the ID card
    12. Now you'll be able to enter the blocks and heist the one on
    the left
    13. Nikita should appear
    14. Get every one to the Motel. To do this make the one with the
    ID card exit the prison and when he is outside take the card and
    give it to other one inside the jail
    15. When their all in the motel the level is complete
    16. Feel free to try and heist the house of the prisons director
    (top right corner inside prison and with a surronding fence)
    1. Answer phone
    2. Go to Cactus Bar (pay)
    3. Go to Motel (pay)
    4. Heist buildings (except prison)
    5. Kill prison guards and get their ID cards
    6. Go to Bar (again) and forge ID card
    7. Get inside jail to those big buildings (the one on the left)
    8. The doors will open as you pass by
    9. Heist it and Nikita will show up
    10. One by one (with ID card) get out of jail and get to the Motel
    11. Mission Complete
    3rd Mission:
    1. Go to the trailler park and enter the Coronells trailer
    2. Heist the Hardware store and the Eletronics store
    3. Heist Strip bar (near the bank) and the Bank
    4. Heist the Bikers bar
    5. Enter Police Station and free your last team member
    6. 'Till 06:00 you can do whatever you want except heisting:
    armoured vans and the Casino Entrance
    7. No need to make contacts to find the armoured vans route
    (purple point on the map)
    8. Aproximatly 05:30 go next to the Casino Entrance (top left
    corner) and wait
    9. At 06:00 and unmarked armoured van will appear the parking
    zone infront of the building standing left to the Casino
    10. Heist it (send only one member in) and you should have all of
    Lefty's collection
    11. Now "Hole Hell Breaks Loose" and you must defend yourself.
    12. You should receive a message telling you to kill Lefty. He
    should have a red mark over his head (like a speach balloon) and
    he should appear near the Casino Entrance or near the building
    to the right. Find and kill him.
    13. Now all you have to do is to move everyone to the trailler
    park where you met the Coronell's.
    14. The level is complete.
    4th Mission:
    1. Everyone will shoot at your team!  Watch your back!!!
    2. Get everyone out of that area, past the fence
    3. Go to the marked house
    4. Go to safe house
    5. Go to the house higlighted
    6. Return to safe house
    7. Remmember the face of the last team memmber that you rescued?
    Send him to the Kongo Bar at 20:00
    8. Enter the bar. Pay the man and follow him. In the same bar
    recruit a nem member (your choise!)  you got time. Now follow
    the man
    9. He'll tell you to kill a guy, do it. Now enter the trash
    container (near the place where Jimmy jump told you to kill) and
    wait for Jimmy to tell you to be back in one our
    10. With the rest of the crew you can heist: the bank, the
    hardware sotre and the gun store
    11. You are full of HEAT, head to the safe house and buy the HEAT
    12. Head back to the place you shoul be meeting "Mr." Jimmy Jump
    13. Follow him to a place near the safehouse and enter before the
    doors close and enter the house AFTER Jimmy-not before- and
    Guido will talk to you
    14. REMMEMBER: if you have any tinny portion of heat on you Guido
    will escape and you will FAIL...
    15. Go to the house highlighted on the map.
    16. Now go to the otherone.
    17. Got meet Guido again
    18. Do what he tells you to do
    19. After doing this, he'll tell you to go and meet him in a
    warehouse (marked on your map). Go there and pick up what he
    gives you.
    20. Heits the marked buildings and go to the marked house and that
    should do it. Level Complete! If you want you can try and kill
    5th Mission:
    1. Go meet your contact on the street
    2. Go to safe house (marked on the map)
    3. Go to the phone
    4. Go to Kongo Bar (bottom left) and get you first mission on
    5. Heist Gun Store (3 sniper rifles)
    6. Kill all highlighted gang members (purple)
    7. Go to Kongo bar
    8. Heist Liquor store (get your best Lockpicking guy inside and
    run a search, get him out and send your worse guy so that the
    Alarm goes off)
    9. Kill Highlighted guy (dressed in a suit and with a red message
    box over his head) outside Blades HQ
    10. Return to Safe house
    11. Go meet contact at 16:00 in cental park near a tree and near
    the fence
    12. Pick up what he gives you (a disguise)
    13. Kill all gang members (and leaders) who should be purple
    14. Go meet Tyree in highlighted house
    15. Go back to the Safe house
    16. Go meet Hector in highlighted house
    17. Go back to Safe house
    18. Heist both Head Quarters
    19. You're Done!
    6th Mission:
    1. Be carefull cause everyone will start shooting at you with no
    2. Go answer the phone (next to the Strip bar)
    3. You can recruit another guy for your team (do it in the Strip
    4. Go to Kongo bar (pay)
    5. Go to Safe house and get the loan
    6. Go to Strip bar
    7. If you ain't got it, go get a camera and film from the
    Electronics store (east side of map)
    8. Heist Bank and Houses with security devices
    9. At 18:20 go to Kongo bar (you start the game near it and it's
    near Police station) and pick up the disguise
    10. At 22:30 got to the entrance to the Strip bar and wait (get
    your camera ready)
    11. At 23:00 a guy will exit the Strip bar (with a red box over
    his head) and you HAVE to FOTO him (use camera like a weapon anf
    12. Follow him (don't do anything)
    13. You'll see that after a while he''ll return to the same bar
    14. Enter the Strip bar (talk and pay)
    15. Go to the highlighted house (pay)
    16. Prepare to FIGHT, cause he says he won't give you anything and
    he'll call his "goones" to Kill you
    17. Kill them all. They come around the corner and they are marked
    with a red box over their head (try to see this contact leaving
    this house, if you see him KILL)
    18. Now look into your map and you see purple marks that represent
    gang members that you have to eliminate
    19. After this you have to heist the: Strip bar and one of the
    three highlighted buildings (top center of map). Heist the one
    that is most to the North and then walk to the one on South
    20. There should appear a display message telling that you have
    completed the level.
    21. When Debriefed you might be warned that you haven't completed
    all objectives. Don't worry cause you still go to the next Level
    7th Mission:
    1. Go to the phone box
    2. Go to highlighted shop
    3. Find the bar (big pink building in a garden) and recruit as
    many guys as you need to have your team full
    4. There's a guy outside a house with a red box over his head.
    When you pass near him there will appear more gang memmbers
    5. Kill the gang members with red question mark over their head
    6. Enter highlighted house near shop
    7. Follow instructions
    8. Go to the bar
    9. Exit and enter, the bar, again
    10. Now you see a guy (marked) leaving the bar
    11. Follow him to a house
    12. Pay what he wants
    13. He will leave that house. Nevermind him
    14. Head for the bank (big building in bottom left corner) and run
    15. Wait till you receive a display message telling you that the
    F.B.I has shut down the power.
    16. Now get all your people in action (look out for the alarm)
    17. Head for the car park and enter the only car that you can (get
    all members there)
    18. Level Complete
    8th Mission:
    1. Get your ass over the highlighted house
    2. Move to the other highlighted house (Safe house)
    3. Follow other indictions (go to find Leon)
    4. Talk to Leon (pay)
    5. To find sewer plan go to a set of small buildings surronded by
    a fence (must have Fence cutter) to enter the one highlighted in
    your map
    6. Heist the place
    7. Get back to Leon
    8. Wait for him to return
    9. Move to the buildings where you have to save your team mates
    10. Leave Leon and enter alone the building on the right (they
    both have written: "Virgin" in red letters) and heist it
    11. A guy with red box will appear
    12. He'll walk a while and stop, go near him and protect him from
    13. When he gets in the safe house get Leon inside and you!
    14. The Level has finished.
    9th Mission:
    1. Go meet your first contact in a building
    2. Go to the next building
    3. Go to the other building and after talking heist it
    4. The contact told you to go to another building and heist it
    (the one highlighted at North)
    5. Get a Labtop from an Electronics shop near your starting
    position (just South from starting point)
    6. You can now return to your last contact and show him that your
    7. Move to the green highlighted building and heist it
    8. Return to last contact
    9. Head to the new building to the North
    10. Find the building and enter
    11. "Trust no one!"
    12. They will try to kill you
    13. You what you have to do. That's it, Kill them First!
    14. A new red point appears NorthEast in the map
    15. Move there and enter the Subway station.
    16. You're Out of Here!
    17. Level Complete

    10th Mission:

    1. Feelling Lucky?!
    2. Think again!
    3. Everyone wants your scalpe!
    4. As soon as you start the level you have to wait a few seconds
    and there will appear: S.W.A.T., the Coronel (blue box over his
    head) and his boys
    5. Kill them all with no exception. Have in mind that the
    Coronell will leave that area but he will not hide. Kill him and
    pick up everything he drops.
    6. Move to the two fenced buildings marked on your map
    7. Enter the one on the left and heist it
    8. Exit the area and the second target will tell you that he is
    going to kill you. The same procedure has before (pick up what
    he drops and kill his gang)
    9. Enter the building on the right and heist it
    10. Now with the police following you head for the Police station
    (there are two) on the right. When the door opens enter the
    building and heist
    11. The last target ("William Cody") has already estabelished
    contact with you or he'll do now.
    12. He is the area whre you started the game.
    13. Go there and "take him out"
    14. Surprise Surprise... The mysterious voice tells you that he is
    going to kill you.
    15. Prepare yourself for an unfair fight. You against all standing
    16. Go and kill him (he is standing infront of the entrance to the
    Airport where was a road block from the police)
    17. After killing this asshole got to the Restaurant (where noone
    wanted to talk to yo) and talk
    18. Go to Kongo bar and do what they tell you
    19. Kill the screared passengers that leave the bar and pick
    everything up
    20. Go to where you saw a display message telling you that threre
    was the best fourgery (the two small buildings fenced). Come
    back in an hour
    21. Go and try to get the flight plans (I couldn't)
    22. But after one hour return and a new building should appear
    highlighted (it's an hangar in the Airport runnaway)





    I enjoyed doing this small walkthrough.

    Enjoy it!

    P.S.#1- Sorry any written mistakes!

    P.S.#2- Hope that this was what you were looking for.

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