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Hard Truck: Apocalypse Cheats, Codes & Guides

Hard Truck: Apocalypse Cheats

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    Entry location: Open the properties of the game shortcut and add "-console" at the end of the target field. Press the tilde (~) during gameplay to open the console, you can enter any of the following cheats in the console.
    giveall - Get 10,000 Coins, Full HP and Fuel
    truck [number] - Enter different numbers to get different trucks
    givemoney [number] - Get specified amount of money
    giveguns [number] - Enter different numbers to get different guns
    map (1) - Reveal the map
    god (1) - Turn on God Mode
    god (0) - Turn off God Mode
    teleport [number] - Teleport to a location set by the number
    Submitted by xtrempty

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