Halflife: Redemption Cheats

Halflife: Redemption Cheats

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    Various Cheats

    Start the game with the command line parameter hl.exe -dev -toconsole . Now while playing you can press ~ to bring up the console.
    It is also reported you can go to the console by pressing ~ then type in sv_cheats 1 instead of having to do the command line parameter above
    Invincibility /god
    Go to Map (insert map name for name) /map name
    Get Item (Insert item name for item) /give item
    Weapons & Ammo impulse 101
    No Clipping & Flight /noclip
    Enemies ignore you /notarget
    Third Person view /thirdperson
    Give Weapon /give weapon ###
    Gravity change Use numbers 10-800 for ## sv_gavity ##


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