GRID 2's insane slow motion replays are amazing. Watch...

If current-gen can do this, imagine what next gen will be like

So GRID 2 is finally here after all those years of waiting. And, as our GRID 2 review will attest, it's turned out to be a great racer. One thing that's immediately obvious when you start to play is the quality of its visuals. As if to encourage you to ogle it, the game comes with slow-motion replays built in. All you need to do is pause the replay, then squeeze the right trigger as softly as you can to trigger the slowest slow-motion in all of gaming. Get a load of this:

And if this has left you wanting more, you can always have another look at our exclusive pre-release GRID 2 crashes compilation video:

The game is due out tomorrow in the UK and is already available in the US. See you online...


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