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Gotcha Force Cheats, Codes & Guides

Gotcha Force Cheats

  • Get "Special" Option in Story Mode

    Finish the game 2 times. This option will replay any story mode battle
    Submitted by ben
  • Solo Battle

    Finish the game one time to be able to play battles with partners by yourself
    Submitted by ben
  • Wire Girl Retract Move

    Press X, X to retract Wire Girl through Her Anchor points
    Submitted by ben
  • Max Jumps

    Jump, then hold the Analog-stick Forward to dash in that direction. Jump, then hold the Analog-stick Forward again just before the dash or jump ends to prolong its effect.
    Submitted by ben

Gotcha Force Hints

Gotcha Force Unlockables

  • G-Red

    Entry location: End of final battle
    When you complete the game for a third time you unlock another G-Red (not upgraded). This will help you later on.
    Submitted by (pokemaniac1993) James Wilson

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