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  • abedo2009 - April 1, 2010 7:45 p.m.

    thank you
  • Robby9 - January 29, 2009 1:55 a.m.

    God of War is all about Kratos, a warrior for Sparta that has won every battle except for this one battle and all his men were getting slaughtered like the Elizabeth Bathory case, and just as he was about to die he yelled to Aries the God of War "Aries destroy my enemies and my life is yours" (or something like that) and so Aries comes down destroys the enemies and the Spartan warriors live, but Kratos is now a slave to Aries and gets Kratos to do all his dirty work with the Blades of Chaos that are burnt to his arms. So many armies fall, innocent people slaughtered and his wife and child had to be eliminated so no one could stop him and with that the rage that was built up had been released and Kratos' rage was now out for Aries and the only way he could do that was by finding Pandora’s Box. Kratos starts in the Aegen Sea and verse Hydras, then you sail to Athens and battle creatures such as Monitors and Cyclopes'. As you get to the top of Athens you see your Enemy ARIES, you keep going and do all this stuff and some gates open, you go through them and end up in the Desert of Lost Souls. The path through the Desert of Lost Souls is unwise; one that can only lead to death and misery for those seeking the reward at its end. If the fierce winds and choking sands do not strip the flesh of off the bones of those foolish enough to cross its vast dunes, the lure of the terrible Sirens, whose hypnotic song cannot be ignored, will surely lead them to a gruesome demise. Once all 3 Sirens are killed a door will open and the path to Pandora’s Box will be revealed and also Cronos the titan who is carrying it on his back and is endlessly wondering the desert untill the desert strips him of his flesh and kill's him. When you enter Pandora's Temple you will have a series of tasks to compete, you have the Rings of Pandora, a huge monitor that is armored that is guarding a door to Pandora's Box and other countless puzzles. Once u find and retrieve the box Aries senses you have succeeded and throws a spear type piece of wood and stabs you in the belly, but you get out and end up at the Temple of the Oracle where Aries is and then open Pandora's Box and then transform in2 a massive Kratos and then you and Aries start fighting and then Aries uses his powers and teleports you to a place in a 3rd Dimension type world where you are with your wife and daughter, but then all these other Kratos clones come from everywhere and you have to protect them and when u succeed at that you end up back at the battle ground with Aries but he takes the Blades of Chaos off you and then you see a massive sword, you pick it up and start fighting and you end up winning by beating Aries and having you wife and daughter's death avenged. Then Athena a Goddess says you are the new God of War and invites you to sit in Aries throne in Mount Olympus as the new God of War.

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