God of War II video live!

[PS2] Watch Kratos kick ancient ass in our footage of the E3 demo

More than a month after playing it for the first time at the Electronic Entertainment Expo, we've received a copy of the God of War II demo. Even away from the crowds and noise of the show, tearing undead warriors and weird little hobgoblins apart as Kratos is just as enjoyable as it was in May. The easy-but-addictive gameplay is just as smooth as it was in God of War, even though the game is still unfinished, and our favorite psychotic Greek albino badass even has a few new moves up his sleeve.

To give you a taste of what's coming next spring, we've put together a highlights reel of the demo, in which Kratos hunts for the Golden Fleece. He also hunts a lot of other stuff, including giant Cyclopes, a mammoth stone minotaur and a three-headed dog from hell.

To watch the action unfold, just hit the Movies tab above.

June 27, 2006


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