Available on: N64

Gex 64 Cheats, Codes & Guides

Gex 64 Cheats

  • Get All 127 Lives and all remotes

    Enter this code NJ4N>P2S274N>P2S28
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  • Great Password

    To get all the remotes, all levels and all bonus levels, simply enter this password:
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  • Beat Mecha Rez

    If you want to defeat Mecha Rez with relative ease, simply wait until he jumps on a building and tail whip the building to watch him
    fall and lose one energy bar!
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  • Go to Titanic Level

    To access the titanic level, simply follow these instructions:
    As you enter the start of the game, venture to the front of the first gate. At the top there should be an area that you can
    climb onto to reach the very top of the arch. Now jump onto the platform in front of you and you will be warped to the
    titanic level Geques Cousteau.

    Status Password
    First gate opened DPXMDGVXCVLCG5WFL
    Second gate opened C2G57FLRDQJV7FBTCN
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  • 99 lives and all remotes

    M758FQRW3J58FQRW4!- type all this in, including the ! at the end.
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