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Gauntlet: Dark Legacy Cheats

Gauntlet: Dark Legacy Hints

  • Invisible vs. Bosses

    If you use flame breath agaisnt a boss then as long as you don''t stop and you dont fall down, you are invisble
    Submitted by Joey Hamstring
  • Hint

    Super shot:
    On the first level go to the bridge and hit the wall opposite the chest. Go down on the platform and you will see to crystals. Get the crystals, wait a moment and you will see a super shot.
    Where to Unlock Secret Jester
    Go to Dream world and in the second stage look for a orange door to unlock the jester
    Submitted by Geoffrey Jonas
  • How to Beat Any of Skorne's Guardians!!

    message: To beat any of Skorne's guardians just go to the shop and buy nine potions and go to the bosses level, walk up to the boss and push circle until all of your potions are gone [make sure you walk up to the boss always make sure you are touching him!!]
    Extra levels
    Play through the first level 3 times to get extra levels
    What to equip Jekhar by final demons
    Warhammer(90 damage.50speed),medalion of vigor(maxHPplus five),warrior's platemail(protection 60),hero's sabaton(protection 15, max HP plus15),ring of health(max HP plus30),ring of the gods(speed plus 5, max HP plus40, max AP plus20),and horseman's gauntlets(protection 25,maxHPplus5
    What to equip Rosalind by final demons
    Bow of Piercing(40 damage1.43 Speed),Hellfire Necklace(Dark +3,Fire +3),Draco Robe(40 Protection,Speed 1.05),Magus Leggings(10 Protection,Magic Resist +1),Magus Boots(Protoction 10 Magic Resist +2),Ring of Mastery(Max AP +40),Ring of Might(Max AP +10,Max HP +30),Magus Gauntlets(Protection 9,Heal +1
    Ultimate Characters
    First you have to get to the mountian realm. You can get the ice sword if you want but you don't have to. First get up to a high level so you can defeat the dragon easier. You defeat him a lot of times and when you defeat him you get 5000 gold and that is enough to buy 5 of any attribute at the shop and you keep on doing this until your character is at 999 for every attribute!
    Easy Money
    You don't NEED the javeline to defeat the plague fiend, but it helps. It also helps if you have a strong character. Just go in and defeat the plauge fiend to be rewarded with $9000 in gold! Then just go and purchase drumsticks to replenish your health until its full. use the balance to build your characters attributes (ie: strength, speed, magic etc...)this can be done as often as you like, or until your attributes are maxed out.
    Submitted by Madd Cheatz
  • How To Gain Quick Levels

    First to gain quick levels you must stand in front of a generator. And as the enemies come out kill them ,but don't destroy the generator. The longer you kill the enemies the more levels you gain. Keep doing this until you're at the level you want to be.
    (hint: if you accidentally destroy the generator, just move to a different one)
    Submitted by None
  • Magic Carpet

    In the middle of the west or east wing. there is a swich. Press it and wait until u see a carpit. Then get on it and it will send you to the east or west side of the wing.
    Submitted by None
  • Full Stats

    You can do this at any level all you need is money. Go to shop and the last 4 items to buy which are add 10 to strength, Magic, Speed, and Armor(not in that order). Each cost $1,000 to buy so you have to have alot of money. Just buy one at a time like all Armor then all Magic etc..... and that's how you get full stats.
    Submitted by HecksterJR
  • Secret Bridge

    When you open the east wing of Summer's tower go to where the waterfall is (on the east side) and you will sea a switch press it and a brige will link the east wing and the west wing together.
    Submitted by None
  • Get 10000K at the end of each level

    Get $10000 gold at the end of each level by putting your name in as 10000K
    Submitted by Chris

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