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Game & Watch Gallery 2 Cheats, Codes & Guides

Game & Watch Gallery 2 Cheats

  • Star Mode

    Get 100 points in updated version to unlock star mode.
    Submitted by None
  • Star Mode in all games

    Get one thousand points in any of the games to get Star Mode. Star Mode is a harder version of the game.
    Submitted by Mike Grover
  • Barrel Trick

    When you're playing Donkey Kong (on modern) you can avoid some barrels with careful timing. If you're directly under a pipe when a barrel is coming down on it, you can jump up through the pipe and if you do it right, you'll come out unharmed.
    Submitted by ccfantasy
  • Extra Game!

    In Game and Watch Gallery 2 is nintendo's first game, "Ball." To unlock it you must get 20 stars (one star=200 points). On the Gallery screen, a new option called "Gift" will appear. Select it to unlock classic Ball. To unlock modern Ball, you must get 25 stars.
    Submitted by Anonymous

    Collect 5 Stars: Modern Ball
    Collect 6 Stars: Unlock Soundstation
    Collect 10 Stars: Classic Ball, Open Museum
    Collect 15 Stars: Yoshi Ball
    Collect 20 Stars: Oil Panic Gallery Window
    Collect 30 Stars: Green House
    Collect 35 Stars: Mario Ball
    Collect 40 Stars: Life Boat
    Collect 45 Stars: Wario Ball
    Collect 50 Stars: Donkey Kong Jr, Credits (press Down, A at Gallery Screen)
    Collect 60 Stars: Tropical Fish
    Collect 70 Stars: Rain Shower
    Collect 80 Stars: Spit Ball Sparky
    Collect 100 Stars: Bowser Ball
    Collect 120 Stars: View Cast (to see again, hold Up and press A at the Gallery Screen)
    Submitted by Chris

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