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  • How to Buy a Winner

    There is one sure fire way to buy the best horses in the game, it all revolves on 2 statistics--bbk AND spurt, 1-5 stars on bbk at the bottom left corner of the first page of the horses statistics, 5 is good!! spurt: 1-5 highlighted bars located just below the picture of the horse at the first statistics page, the closer to the right the better, if you get a horse that has a 8-11 furlong stamina then begin using the whip at 2.2 furlongs and don't whip the horse to death!! once every 2 seconds and use the break (press forward arrow repeatedly) two of the best horses i have ever raced were Mental Power, and Wild Legs.. when you breed these two it should be a very expert horse and you can win about 7 G1 races before she has to retire!! good luck

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