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Galactic Wrestling Cheats

  • Unlock Blackhole and Lord Wrangler

    #Use King Muscle & Prince Lou Ow to Finish Tag Tournament Mode
    # Unlock Commander King Muscle
    Start a Team Battle Mode and select these wrestlers in this order: Ramenman, Beetlebomb, Robin Mask, Neptuneman, and King Muscle. Have one character win a match, then lose, then your next wrestler win then lose, until you win the last match with K.M.
    # Unlock Comrade Turbinski and Vince McMadd
    Use Survival Mode and get 10 wins
    # Unlock Gold Rouge
    Complete the Toy Collection mode, then complete the Mask Hunt mode
    # Unlock Goldman
    Complete the Toy Collection mode
    Unlock Lomienman
    Accumulate 50 Figures
    Unlock Sunshine Supreme
    Accumulate 100 Figures
    # Unlock Lord Flash
    Accumulate 200 Figures
    Unlock Big Budo and Chojin Kid Muscle
    Get 200 Figures and Finish the Tournament Mode using Kevin Mask
    # Unlock Grandpa
    Accumulate 300 Figures, then get 10 Wins in Survival Mode
    # Unlock Neptuneman and Barracuda
    Use Robin Mask to beat Tournament Mode
    # Unlock Starface and Poseidon
    Use Neptuneman and Big Budo to beat Tag Tournament Mode
    # Unlock Prince Lou Ow and Buffalo Rampage
    Use King Muscle and Lomeinman to beat Tag Tournament Mode
    # Unlock Rouge Shogun
    # Unlock Commander King Muscle use Shivano and Sunshine Supreme to beat Tag Tournament Mode
    # Unlock Shivano and Ricardo (Lord of Darkness)
    Use Kid Muscle to beat Tag Tournament Mode
    # Unlock Street Scrapper and Ricardo, Submission Artist
    Complete the Mask Hunt mode
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