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G-Police Cheats

  • Cheat Codes

    *Enter codes at the main menu:
    BENIHILL: toggles Benny Hill cars.
    DOOBIES: toggles infinite shields (disables mission progression).
    MRTICKY: toggles infinite weapons (disables mission progression).
    PANTALON: grants access to all secret missions via the training menu.
    STATTOE: provides in game stats.
    SUPACAM: toggles enemy fall cam.
    WOOWOO: toggles havoc sirens.
    *Level codes:
    MADGAV: level 1.
    DOLMAN: level 2.
    SONAGAV: level 3.
    ACEDUF: level 4.
    JOJOGUN: level 5.
    WENSKI: level 6.
    SAEGGY: level 7.
    MAZMAN: level 8.
    DAZMAN: level 9.
    DELUCS: level 10.
    ANDOOOO: level 11.
    KIMBCHS: level 12.
    ANDYMAC: level 13.
    YERMAN: level 14.
    OLLIEB: level 15.
    THEYOLK: level 16.
    TONYMASH: level 17.
    ANDYCROW: level 18.
    BIONIC: level 19.
    TSLATER: level 20.
    IAINTHOD: level 21.
    JONRITZ: level 22.
    CLAIREC: level 23.
    STEVEBOT: level 24.
    ANGUSF: level 25.
    EUANLEC: level 26.
    EDFIRE: level 27.
    STUBOMB: level 28.
    THONBOY: level 29.
    JIMMAC: level 30.
    PUGGER: level 31.
    ROSSCO: level 32.
    CAKEBOY: level 33.
    NIKNAK: level 34.
    SAGLORD: level 35.
    Submitted by None
  • All weapon and unlimited ammunition

    At the weapon loadout screen: Hold L1, L2, R1, CIRCLE, TRIANGLE, SQUARE an press LEFT


    2 DOLMAN


    4 ACEDUF


    6 WENSKI

    7 SAEGGY

    8 MAZMAN

    9 DAZMAN

    10 DELUCS

    11 ANDOOOO

    12 KIMBCHS

    13 ANDYMAC

    14 YERMAN

    15 OLLIEB

    16 THEYOLK



    19 BIONIC

    20 TSLATER


    22 JONRITZ

    23 CLAIRIC


    25 ANGUSF

    26 EUANLAC

    27 EDFIRE

    28 STUBOMB

    35 SAGLORD
    Submitted by None
  • CODE EFFECT. (enter these codes at the password screen.

    BENIHILL -Faster backup cars
    WOOWOO -Sirens
    SUPACAM -Different camera angles
    PANTALON - All secret missions in training menu
    ALSECRET -All the secrets This code reported invalid - You Decide!
    Submitted by Murat aka Spanishfly
  • Drive A Car In Training Mode

    After finishing the game, go back into training mode. Scroll down to the bottom of the menu and select "SECRET 3". You can now drive a car through the city.
    This cheat is good
    Submitted by None
  • Cheating

    G-Police (Ammo and passwords)Aleady noted as something of a tough cookie G-police is now at yourmercy with the following cheat an passwords&
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