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  • New modes

    When you beat the normal mode you unlock the Extra mode that includes the Chain Attack where you rack up chains and try to beat the high score. It also includes an ultra play video that shows you how to get more points and it lets you see your ranking.
    Submitted by minus joker
  • New modes Continued

    After you beat the hard mode you unlock the Extra 2 mode in the extra mode menu. This includes another ultra play movie that shows you how to get a 400 chain. There is also a screen saver that plays a fireworks show for you, and a fireworks mode where you make your own fireworks show!
    Submitted by minus joker
  • Get Everything

    In Option screen hold down R1,R2,L1,L2,and type in X, UP, X, UP, DOWN, SQUARE.
    Submitted by anonymus

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Available Platforms: PS2