Europa Universalis: Crown of the North Cheats

Europa Universalis: Crown of the North Cheats

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    Various Cheats

    During gameplay press TAB to get the console then put in a code below

    STEFANREHN Invincibility
    DIMMUBORGIR All Buildings Available
    UTOPIA Defeat Rebels
    MANUNITED Get $5000
    AIK Subtract $5000
    SVENSK No Declaration of War from Enemy
    BURP No Events
    RICHARDNICE Get 1000 Victory Points
    RICHARDBAD Subtract 1000 Victory Points
    KILLSTIG Kills Hertig Stig
    KILLVALDEMAR Kills Hertig Valdemar
    KILLERIK Kills Hertig Erik
    KILLBIRGER Kills Konung Birger
    KILLMENVED Kills Menved
    KILLHAAKON Finish the Game


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