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ESPN NFL Football Cheats, Codes & Guides

ESPN NFL Football Cheats

  • Crib unlockables

    (The Bar)
    49 points in a game = Newmark Bar Stools
    3 hours playing = Classic Bar Stools
    Entered Scrimmage Mode = Team Parking Sign
    (The Living Room)
    60 Yard Kick or Punt Return = Stuffed Couch [Black Leather]
    Created a Playbook = Contemporary Recliner
    Won a Pro Difficulty Game = Classic Coffee Table [think 5 mins min.]
    40 Yard Touchdown Run = Sleek End Table
    Entered Situation Mode = Sleek Console Table
    Entered The Reference Guide = Country Console Table
    30 Yard Touchdown Run = Team Street Sign
    200 Rushing Yards in a Game = Team Parking Sign
    (The Boom Boom Room)
    Watched the ESPN Video Games movie = Sleek Home Theater
    Watched the ESPN NFL Football Features movie = Big Screen Home Theater
    Completed all the Tutorials = Sleek Credenza
    Shutout the Opposing Team = Team Photo B
    No Passes Dropped by any Receiver = Team Photo C
    10 Tackles in a game = 80's Wall Clock
    1 Hour Playing = Game Ball A
    Returned an Interception for a TD = Game Ball B
    Commited No Turnovers = Game Ball C
    70 Yard Kick or punt Return = Player Painting
    *Poster D* *Other Sega Games Posters*
    40 Yard Touchdown Run = Panzer Dragoon Orla Poster
    5 Hours playing = Rez Poster
    Created a playbook = Soccer Slam Poster
    Entered the Reference Guide = Toe Jam & Earl 3 Poster
    275 Rushing Yards in a game = Phantasy Star Online Poster
    Entered Situation Mode = Virtua Fighter 4 Poster
    Won a Pro Difficulty game = NFL2K Poster
    60 Yard Kick or Punt Return = NFL2K1 Poster
    49 Points in a game = NFL2K3 Poster
    (The Game Room)
    Five Hours Playing = Full-Sized Team Helment in Case
    Entered Franchise Mode = Framed Team Jersey A
    Created a Team = Framed Team Jersey B
    Won a Tournament = Player Standee A
    QB never sacked = Player Standee B
    30 Tackles in a game = Team Drinking Glass A
    Trivia Machine Mini-Game = Completed all the Tutorials
    Paper Football Mini-Game = Played a First Person Game
    Big Head Mode Game Cheat = Created a Player
    Kickin' or Stickin' Game Cheat (always 4th Down)= 3 hours playing
    Ricky Williams Bobblehead = 275 Yards rushing
    (My Boy) Jevon Kearse Bobblehead = 20 Tackles in a game
    La'Roi Glover Bobblehead = Created a Player
    Champ Bailey Bobblehead = Played a First Person Game
    Priest Holmes- 6 rushing TDs in one game with same player
    Corey Dillan- 400 yrds rushing in a game
    Warren Sapp- 40 tackles in one game
    Ladamion Thomelson- 3 ints in one
    Tom Brady- Return Fumble for TD
    Tim Brown- Throw 6 tds to different players
    30-yd TD pass Team Banner B and ESPN Football poster
    40-yd TD pass Team Pennant A and Skies of Arcadia poster
    60-yd TD pass Team Helmet Mug and Croc logo
    49 points scored Newmark bar stools
    63 Contemporary couch, Gorilla logo
    77 Terrel Owens bobblehead, Power Pocket cheat
    375 yds passing Mini-helmet, Sdtk HipHop #1
    450 Team end table, NFL2K intro movie
    500 Sleek couch, Aztec logo
    10 tackles in a game 80s clock, ESPN sdtk
    20 Kearse bobbler, Wolf logo
    30 Team Glass A, Berman's Swamis Team
    3 sacks Classic Credenza, Sdtk Electronic #1
    5 Newmark end table, Gungrave poster
    7 Team Rug A, Boar logo
    3 INTs Tomlinsin bobbler, Sdtk Floigan Bros
    5 Stuffed recliner, Ooga Booga poster
    2 INTs w/same player Contemporary end table, Behind the Scenes w/Sapp video
    Beat CPU by 56 points Team recliner, 2006 Super Bowl stadium
    No dropped passes Team photo C, Michael Irvin free agent
    Won a tournament Team player standee A, Sdtk Outtakes #2
    Duece Mccalister- 99yrd run
    Jerome "the bus" Bettis bobble- win an all pro game
    Air Hockey- Win The Super Bowl
    Donovan McNabb--250 passing yards/100 rushing yards same player
    Randy Moss- 15hrs playing time
    Clint Portis- 2000yrd caree rushing
    David Carr- 25 career sacks
    60-yd TD run Team Player Poster C, 2k1 Intro movie
    50 rush yds Player Standee D, ESPN commercial #2
    400 rush yds Corey Dillon bobbler, Sdtk SEGA #3 (Daytooona)
    Bobble Heads
    After you unlock a bobble head doll you can go to the case and use the left analog stick to turn it and the right analog stick to bobble the head
    Get Paper Football Game for Crib
    Finish the game one time using First Person Mode
    Get Big Head Mode
    Make a custom player to unlock it
    Get Kickin or Stickin Cheat
    Play for 3 hours using the same user name
    Insane kick cheat
    To get the insane kick cheat you must get a 99 yard kick or punt return
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