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Drakan: The Ancient Gates Cheats, Codes & Guides

Drakan: The Ancient Gates Cheats

  • Unlock all spells

    Press and hold L1 R2 L2 R1 in that order (while in game) and press up down left right right left down up. Each time you enter the code, your spells will gain a level from 1-3.
    Be Invincible
    Press and hold L1 R2 L2 R1 in that order (while in game) and press X, Down, Triangle, Up, Circle, Right, Square, Left
    Max Health
    Press and hold L1 R2 L2 R1 in that order (while in game) and press Triangle, Down, Circle, Left, Square, Right, X, Up
    More Cash
    Press and hold L1 R2 L2 R1 in that order (while in game) and press Circle, Square, Right, Left, X, Triangle, Down, Up
    Level Up Character
    Press and hold L1 R2 L2 R1 in that order (while in game) and press Square, Triangle, Circle, X, Right, Down, Left, up
    Warning about the "level up" cheat
    When I used the "level up" cheat on here, I eventually got to a point where I could not go any higher, using the cheat or the game itself. Unfortunately, the point at which the levels stopped is far short of what is possible with the game. Now, the level bar never goes up, and I have to play the rest of the game with the levels that I have. (I believe I have 12 total?)
    Beating Daemog
    Daemog the yeti is easy enough to kill if you have the right stuff. If you have a potion of invisibility, drink it before sliding down the mountain face to fight him. Don't worry about the Grull, just keep hitting Daemog on the foot with your longsword (he wont notice you) until he falls over dead. He will most likely crush the Grull, he did on my game.
    to Beat the Pain Golem
    Ok this wont really work unless you are at the end of the game and have beaten Jasaad the Desert Lord first. Alright first you have to beat Jasaad and it's not easy because he is always shooting magic or something. The easiest way to beat him is to use the spell combust over and over. Then when you beat him he gives his power to the pain golem. So you get Arohk and fly up to the pain golem and wait for him to try to hit you with his arm and then you can shoot Jasaad and beat the pain golem and get the final gate
    Finding the Inquisitor's Lair
    You will find inquisitor's lair behind waterfall in surdana. Kill the inquisitor and talk with the man in the "pub" and you get 3000 gold, but IT IS NOT VERY EASY if you haven't a mitril sword or something
    Get the Visionary Amythest
    First go to the place where you fight the evil snow robots (to get there use the purple teleported in the cliff) then follow your compass and you will see a big fallen robot go up to its head where the little blue eye is then you have found the visionary amythest in a robots eye
    Bloodthirsty Giant Chicken
    If you go to the entrance to the Andrellian Isles, you'll see a ridge across one of the islands. Go into the cave. If you go into it for just a little way, you'll find blood all over the ground. Soon, you'll come to a giant chicken. If you kill it you get a giant golden egg worth 3000 gold.
    Killing the Flesh Mage
    I spent about 3 weeks trying to kill that flesh mage, and i got as far as killing loads of huge golems and getting into a room with buttons on the floor and big red laser gates. Thankfully, i now know how to get past it, im going to tell y'all how...
    First off, when you get into the room with the altar in the middle step forward and you get a cut scene. When the Flesh Mage appears he will be invincible, if you lock on to him the swirly thingies are blue. Run around until you see an open door and go through it. There is a golem or two in here so just kill them, (hold left analogue stick left or right after locking on and just keep swinging your weapon). Continue on through the corridor killing any golems that appear. You eventually come to a room with lots of golems so just run around and kill them all. Make sure you have a bow or some decent magic ready and step on one of the big buttons on the floor. The laser gate in front of you will disappear so shoot your magic or bow at the little orb that was behind the red laser gate. Do this with all for red lazer gates and kill anything that lurks behind them. Activate the switches behind each one and the final red laser gates with deactivate. Go through and you will find you are back where you started at the altar, so now you go through the left hand side door and kill everything in there, and smash the urn, and go back and open up a can of whoop-ass on the Flesh Mage.
    Easy kills
    When your fighting against multiple enemies use the idiotic AI against themselves. Magic using baddies will hit each other if another is in the way. Equip whatever sword you can and charge into the group, be sure to take out the enemies with shields then the ones without. Last take out the magic users...stay withing close range never roll backward in an attempt th evade attack...the Wartocks aren't srong attacker so take the damage and keep swinging until they die. If you evade roll jump or run away they will run you dow (They are faster) and they will eventually kill you or chase you to another room with stronger enemies.
    Easy slaying in the skies
    The easiest way to avoid being hit in the air when in battle with dragons or the blackwings is to constantly maneuver up and down or to get above the enemy and constantly rotate preferably above the enemy. Also increase and lower your altitude continually. when against such strikes as lightning and such be sure to keep at a distance and use long range attacks. getting up close is not recommended unless you are an expert flier in the skies. And when battling multiple enemies never let the other opponent get behind you or out of your scope. if you do you cant see when they attack you and when you defeat the enemy at hand the ones behind you wont be locked on and you end up being shot or bombarded depending on how many enemies are in the sky with you.
    Beating Bonegrinder
    Bonegrinder is surrounded by a magical field which makes him impossible to kill. In order to beat him, you need to destroy the field. There are 3 or 4 orbs on the wall which surround bonegrinder's chamber that create the field. I used the invisibility potion, ran around and destroyed the orbs (which knock out the magical field), and then went and killed Bonegrinder.
    Beating the HalfMen
    An easy way to get by the halfmen at the magical gate is to use the "fear" spell. When the battle starts, cast the spell, then just run around and kill all the halfmen.
    Beating the snow robots
    Yep, those pesky Halfmen created these robots that fire lasers at you and are difficult to kill. Here's how I did it easily: Get a good bow and arrow setup, if you have enough archery levels make sure and get an AP (armor piercing) bow that has a long range. When you see or hear a robot, go hide behind a tree so he can't see you. If he's seen you he may already be shooting. Get out your bow and wait until he shoots. He will take a moment to reload, and in that time you jump out from behind the tree and hit the R2 button which will make him the target. Jump back behind the tree and wait for him to fire again. When he's reloading, jump out again and fire an arrow, jumping back behind the tree just in time to avoid his next shot. Keep doing this until he's dead.
    There are also a couple spots where you can stand on an overlook and shoot the robots below using the "O" button to target them. Just wait, they'll all wander toward you and your bow.
    Note, the "tree" method also works for other enemies later in the game, and you can do it with rocks and boxes as cover as well.
    Using explosive barrels to kill
    You've no doubt noticed by now that there are some skinny, tapered barrels which explode if you smash them. They seem pretty useless, but you can actually use them to your benefit sometimes.
    If you have a bow and arrow, you can use the "O" button to target the barrels. If an enemy is standing near the barrel, he will take damage from the explosion. Works best with a long range bow when the enemy has not seen you yet.
    Submitted by JonP

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