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    This is a look at the elemental gems in Dragon Rage, for those few people who have got it.
    Breath: A homing fireball. The higher gems give you a larger, more powerful one. 8/10
    Power: Increases the fireballs destructive capability. Fire a fireball to make it stronger. MANA TIP! Tap it long enough to fire 1 fireball.
    Special: A ground fireball. All in its path perish. Not.
    Overall: Fire is good fun to use. When getting an element up, go for fire first, as thats what you always begin with.
    Breath: Ice shard that splits up. Higher gems give you more shards that are stronger. Nearly never hits. 5/10
    Power: Reflects attacks back at your enemies. You still take 1damage. MANA TIP! Tap it when you are about to get hit.
    Special: Ice shards that go short distances.
    Overall: Water is for sailing through enemies. Get this up last, as its the hardest to use.
    Breath: A bolt of lightning that spreads out to nearby enemies. Each spread makes it weaker. Higher gems give you a more powerful bolt. Its quite weak at first.
    Power: Haste. Go faster.
    Special: A big, powerful bolt. Dont get in its way
    Overall: Dont underestimate the Air gems. Get it up, and you will reap the benefits. Get this up 3rd
    Breath: My favourite! Its a bowling ball that crushes all in its path. Higher gems give you bigger, more powerful and more enduring balls
    Power: Armour. Dont take any damage. MANA TIP! Tap it when you are about to get hit.
    Special: A big nasty earthquake. Everything will go boom!]
    Overall: Earth is destructive, and it will help you get away. Get this up 2nd for best results.
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