Disemboweling a tomato in the name of Dark Sector

How fruit and vegetables aid game development - trailer reveals all

Videogame sound effects creators have far too much fun. More than us even. Well, they do if they're creating wince-inducing neck-snap and gory dismemberment sounds for Digital Extremes' action game Dark Sector, anyway.

As it turns out, this involves extreme fruit and veggieabuse, a practice common the in darker corners of Norfolk where the sheep breathe sighs of relief. Have melon? Smash it, smash it with a hammer. Rip celery apart like a real man! And finger azucchinito produce... squelchy sounds. Don't even go there.

But enough of this, we could go on all day. You can watch all this in a trailer produced by the Dark Sector team -viewable below- which ends with a floor strewn with fruit and vegetablebody parts. And to think there are millions starving around the world...

March 27, 2007

March 27, 2007