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Disciples: Sacred Lands Cheats, Codes & Guides

Disciples: Sacred Lands Cheats

  • Various Cheats

    Press the ENTER key then enter one of these codes
    playhideandseek Opponents Can't see you
    upgrademe Get more experience points
    givememoney Get 5000 gold
    iwanttokilleverybody Declare War on Everybody
    iloveallofyou Declare Peace with Everybody
    iwanttobuildagain Get to build again before turn ends
    iwillkeepaneyeonyou Show info on enemies and monsters
    whoturnedoffthelights Hide map
    nowicanseeyou Show map
    whataloseriam Instant loss of scenario or quest
    nobodycanbeatme Instant win of scenario or quest
    makemestronger Get health
    letmemove Another move for you
    givemeanotherchance Revive dead units - One unit must be alive
    wouldyou? Ally with all Players
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