Deus Ex: Human Revolution Doctorate Achievement & Trophy video guide

To get the Doctorate Achievement and Trophy in Deus Ex: Human Revolution, you will need to scour each and every location in the game to find the 29 eBooks that will give you a Scholar Bonus of 200 XP when picked up. Note that these eBooks are different from all the other, numerous, eBooks scattered about the game, which offer no such rewards.

Listed below is each and every location for the 29 eBooks needed to find along with images of their exact location. Please be sure to note that some of the eBooks can be had much easier if you have chosen to equip Jensen with both the Hacking: Capture Level 5 and Punch through Wall Arm Augmentation. There is also one eBook located in Tai Yong Medical that can only be accessed if you have purchased the Icarus Landing System Augmentation.


Sarif Headquarters

The Nature of Neuroplasticity – Near the start of the game, you will be asked to go to Pritchard’s office in the TechLab. Head there and you can find this eBook on the table with the 4 monitors on it, against the wall, right behind where he is standing.

Sarif Manufacturing

Neural Interface Protocols: The PEDOT Revolution- When you run into the second turret in the Sarif warehouse, there is a small office to the left of it and you will get a tutorial on Advanced Hacking. Inside the room will be this eBook under a cardboard box, just across from the computer monitor.

Artificial Muscles- This eBook is found in the Head Office, just before you go through the door to fight Zeke Sanders. Look on the desk to find it. If you miss it before the standoff, you can go back through the door afterwards and snag it.

Detroit City

The Neural Hub- Design for a Next Generation –This eBook can be found In Diane Gonzales Office #27 at Sarif Industries. To enter her office, you will need Level 2 hacking or use code 4145. Once inside, the eBook can be found on the couch to the far side of the room.

The Tyranny of Biology –To get this eBook, you can take the vent from Diane Gonzales office (#27) and enter the next office (or enter office #25- Mika Pine). This eBook will be to the right of the vent on a small table.

Arms (and Legs)For Man- The Structure of Cybernetic Limbs -When you reach the downtown apartments for the side quest “Lesser Evils” you will enter the apartment building and will need to proceed to the left to find a staircase. Head up to the second floor (4 flights of stairs) and make a right. Head around the corner and hack the door lock there as well as the next lock on the door to the right inside the apartment (a level 5 Hacking in needed for these). When the second door is hacked, the eBook will be on the desk to the left.

Respirocyte Technology & Hazardous Environment Parsing -Across from the basketball court, in the alley that lead to the apartment building for the previous eBook, there will be a ladder leading up the fire escape. Climb to the first window you can open and then follow the hallway around to the right to the first open door. Enter and Seurat and a bodyguard will be in there. Enter the next room on the right and the eBook will be on the desk there.

The Threat of Cybernetic Discognition Disorder- When you get to the police station, make your way to the basement and into the morgue (how you decide to do it is up to you). After having a chat with the good doctor, head to the right side of the room and grab the eBook off the stack of papers on his desk.

The Intelligence Circuit- When you reach your apartment building, after visiting the police station, hop in the elevator. Step out at your floor and make a left to your apartment. Enter the swanky pad and make a right at the far end of the living room to enter the bedroom. Check the table beside the bed to find the eBook there.