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Deathrow Cheats

  • Various Cheats

    Name player 4's controller one of the following (case-sensitive)
    ALL150 - Get all teams & players
    SouthEnd - Get Everything (case sensitive)
    NO FEAR - Get Extreme difficulty
    CONFUSED - Get Multidisk
    MOREROOM - Get all arenas
    NOFOV - Narrow field of view
    NOSYNC - Faster frame rate
    NOHUD - No Hud
    Multidisk Hint
    When you have 3 disks on the field at once it is a Multidisk
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  • Easy Credits

    Use single match/extreme difficulty and choose 2 teams. Play till the 4th period and last 5 minutes. Switch to the winning team using controls
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  • 2 Player Mode

    You probably already know that there is 2 player mode but maybe you don't so what you do is start a conquest or just do a singles match with a buddy and pick your teams then it will show 2 controllers and you and your buddy can be on the same team or you and your buddy can be on separate teams but you would think you would want to be on the some team on conquest but I think you would have to be on the same team anyways on conquest
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  • Get "Free" unlock credits!

    This cheat is quite simple but it occupies a lot of time:
    First You start a single match, you don't even have to like fight off the other team, then in the end of the 4th quarter (Like one sec. before the match ends) you enter the pause-menu. Under options you choose the function; Add player.
    Then you just join the winning team.

    Tip: Unlock Extreme difficult first because it gives you 800 unlock credits for a single match. A match on hard only give you 400.

    An other tip: In conquest-mode you start of with lame teams, but you just have to get to next division, where you will face black dragons as the first team. Beat'em & unlock'em. Then start a new conquest, They are not really that mean in the start but if get enough money you can buy new team-mates, and then they get quite mean for a lame team.
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