DDRMAX2: Dance Dane Revolution 7th Mix Cheats, Codes & Guides

DDRMAX2: Dance Dane Revolution 7th Mix Cheats

  • Dancer In Background

    The 3rd secret that you unlock is the option to have a dancer in the background. This is modified in the options menu, and can be turned off or set to a new person, including DDR originals like Disco and Akira, plus the artists like Naoki and U1. The dancer will just dance accordingly to the song you are playing, but doesn't work with Music Videos.
    Submitted by DarkMaster
  • Unlock Endless Mode

    Unlike Nonstop mode in game mode, Endless mode can be found at the main menu (and we MEAN endless). Endless mode can keep you dancing (or playing) till you can't dance (or play) no more (although there will be break stages per every 5 stages). but I was just explaining endless mode. now to UNLOCK endless mode, you must collect about 250 points (or after unlocking kakeumi). think you're ready for the dance (or play) of your life? or are you just going to give up and trash the game after unlocking everything? cause really, endless mode is the last thing you'll ever unlock. good luck! you'll need it!
    Submitted by Justin "Razor X" John
  • Justin "Razor X" John

    Silent Hill: 3rd Christmas Mix is the 5th secret you unlock. WARNING: This is A LOT harder than the regular Silent Hill, for it is faster and MUCH more complex. I sugest you master the original in Heavy mode, with 2 pads if possible, then start training with the 3rd Christmas. It's THAT hard.
    Submitted by DarkMaster
  • Faster Unlocks

    As the manual says, unlocks are made by earning "points" in-game. So far I only know you get 1 point per player per song. Also one point per player for accessing the Extra Stage (AA or better on your last song on Heavy Mode with Event Mode turned off). First, go into option mode, and set the play level to "easiest", the number of songs to 5, and (if you have no confidence in your game), the "song failure"-type option to "end of music". Now you're ready. Play the game, and set up to versus play. Make sure you have 2 controllers. These can be pads or hand controllers. Play any songs you want to. Make sure that both players score though. This SHOULD earn you 10 points per set. If you want to earn 12, play an easy song (7 feet or less) on HEAVY mode, and AA it. This will take you to the Extra Stage (Maxx Unlimited) on Heavy mode, reverse scroll, dark mode, 1.5x arrow speed, etc.. I can't name them all. As long as both players score, you'll earn 12 points. IF by some MIRACLE you AA THE EXTRA STAGE, you'll go into the ENCORE EXTRA STAGE or something like that (I never made it that far), which is "Kakumei" And should earn you 14 points in total. I'd suggest trying to earn 10 points a set, which will earn you 1-2 unlocks per set. "Kakumei" is unlocked at 240 points and "Maxx Unlimited" is unlocked at 110 or so.
    Submitted by None

DDRMAX2: Dance Dane Revolution 7th Mix Hints

  • Faster Unlocks

    To unlock things faster, do the following. Plug a dance pad into controller port 1 and a handheld controller into port 2. Select Versus mode. Set the Player 1 and Player 2 difficulties to Beginner. Choose a easy song with little or preferably, no jumps. When you step on a pad arrow, push that same one on the controller. It will double your point earnings!
    Submitted by kirbystar

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