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    Start the game using the command line parameter +set console 1. Then while playing press ~ and type cheats on. Then enter any of the following codes
    god Invincibility
    health # Health Increased by #
    weapon_give_# Give Weapon # (1-10)
    massacre All enemies on level die
    notarget Invisibility
    noclip No Clipping Mode
    cheats 0 Cheats off
    boost acro Extra acro
    boost vitality Extra vitality
    boost all Extra all
    boost attack Extra attack
    boost power Extra power
    cam_toggle Cycle 3 Camera Views
    cam_nextmon Put camera on next monster
    timescale [speed] Different game speed (1.0 is default)
    cam_nextmon Focus Camera on Next Enemy
    screenshot Take Screenshot
    bind [key and command] Bind command to key
    cam_nextsidekick Toggle sidekicks
    connect [server] Pick active server
    map [level name] Pick level
    r_speeds [1 or 0] Change render speed
    r_drawflat [1 or 0] Flat polygon toggle
    r_fullbright [1 or 0] Toggle lighting
    developer [1 or 0] Game messages toggle
    flusmap [1 or 0] clean map load/no cache toggle
    gl_polylines [1 or 0] Line drawing toggle (NA on voodoo card)
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