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Cyber Gladiator Cheats

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    To activate these cheats enter them at the fighter selection screen, and you have to enter them just like a move in the game - quckly and accurately. If you enter the codes correctly, you'll hear a nice ka-boom.
    Code Description
    U, D, U, D, U, D, L, R, L (W, S, W, S,
    W, S, A, D, A on keyboard for player 1)
    Unlimited continues
    U, D, PK+SK (W, D, J+L on keyboard
    for player 1)
    Disco mode
    U+L, U, D, D+R (W+A, W, S, S+D on
    keyboard for player 1)Limb Loss
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    " Highlight Psyclopps and enter PK, PP, SK, PP (J, I, L, I on keyboard for player 1) - Fight as Shrapp
    " Highlight Carnigore and enter SK, PP, PK (L, I, J on keyboard for player 1) >- Fight as Carnigore
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