Crazy Taxi 2 faqs

Crazy Taxi 2 Cheats

  • Get Expert Mode

    Go to the character select screen and HOLD Start + Y then press A.
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  • Get Rid of arrow indicators

    Go to the character select screen and HOLD Start and press A.
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  • Get rid of destination indicator

    Go to the character select screen and HOLD Y and press A
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  • The Blue Arrow

    Note: You must have 2 controllers for this cheat to work!

    Have one controller in port A and one in port C. If you hold START and press L on controller C during a game, the arrow that points to the destination will be blue instead of green. Unlike the green arrow-which simply points to the next turn you should take-the blue arrow points directly to the destination mark, even if there's a huge obstacle or impassable chasm between you and your goal.
    Submitted by Eric B.
  • Speedometer

    You need a 2nd controller plugged into port C to enter the remaning codes. At any time during a game, hold start and press up five times on the "D" pad using controller "C". A "mph" indicator will appear next to the drive/reverse lights in the lower right corner of the screen. Now you can see exactly how much the crazy dash is really helping you!. To turn the speedometer off, just hold start and press up on controller "C" again.
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Crazy Taxi 2 Unlockables

  • Mini Game prizes

    Using Crazy Pyramid mode finish mini games row #1 to get Around Apple Map, finish row 2 to get small apple map, row 3 to get Bike, row 4 to get stroller and row 6 to get original characters from Crazy Taxi 1
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Available Platforms: Dreamcast


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