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Courier Crisis Cheats, Codes & Guides

Courier Crisis Cheats

  • Hidden Level

    On The area Selection screen Press and Hold
    L1+R2 at the same Time To Enter Hidden Level
    Submitted by Grant Jordan (
  • Alien Rider

    Enter XFIFTYONEX as a password.
    Submitted by None
  • Gorilla Rider

    Enter SAVAGEAPES as a password.
    Submitted by None
  • Play as Sts-1

    To play as sts-1 type IFKFKFKGKJ as a password
    Submitted by jnco2002 (
  • Play as Zaskar

    To play as zaskar type FDFKFKHCJK as a password
    Submitted by jnco2002 (
  • Play as Pantera

    To play as pantera type KFKFKFOEKJ as a password
    Submitted by jnco2002 (
  • Level Passwords

    Level 1 - EFLCIFCGKJ

    Level 2 - IFLCIFCCKI

    Level 3 - MFLCIFCOKJ

    Level 4 - AFLCIFCKKJ

    Level 5 - FHCLFIGCJL

    Level 6 - FLCLFICCIL

    Level 7 - FPCLFIOCJL

    Level 8 - FDCLFIKCJL

    Level 9 - KFLCIFCGII

    Level 10 - OFLCIFCCII

    Level 11 - CFLCIFCOIJ

    Level 12 - GFLCIFCKIJ

    Level 13 - FFCLFIGCJJ

    Level 14 - FJCLFICCIJ

    Level 15 - FNCLFIOCJJ
    Submitted by None
  • Select Level

    At the passward screen type HANOILBKJO (also reported as NMHANOILBKJO) now at the level select screen press up or down to choose your levels
    Submitted by jnco2002 (
  • Bonus Music

    While playing a game, press R1,L1,Circle,X,R2,L2 to hear three additional songs. Press R1,L1,Circle,X,R2,L2 to hear a fourth song
    Submitted by Spubag Matthews
  • Secret Stage in bonus level

    In the bonus level before you go anywhere take a right and follow the sidewalk on the right and if you keep going you will go into a gate and you go down the hill and the turns and there will be cars,people,buildings,ect.And there are POLICE CARS.
    Submitted by Garrett Book
  • Cool Wall Glitch

    In Courier Crisis on the Chinatown level, back up against the wall. Try to pull off a trick, but purposely don't land the trick. You wont get hurt. Cool, huh&
    Submitted by Jeff Loves Anastasia

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