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Cool Boarders 2 Cheats, Codes & Guides

Cool Boarders 2 Cheats

  • All Tracks

    To gain access to all tracks without having to race, perfect your fakies or fall over and get your bum wet go to the track select screen then highlight the following options in turn for four seconds apiece.

    Snow Boarding Combined

    1 Make Jump

    Free Ride


    Board Park

    Half Pipe

    Free Ride

    Next press Circle, go to 1+2 Player and hold down L1, L2, R1, R2+Circle.
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  • Play As An Alien Or Snowman

    Complete all 100 moves in Master mode and break all the records in Free RideMode.

    OR Score 38.0 or more on the half pipe to get Gray the alien.
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  • Hidden Menu

    At the Boarders Park Screen press Select + Up
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  • Secret Boards

    Enter Free Ride Mode with all the tracks and break all records.
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  • Mirror Mode

    When you have all the tracks press R1+Circle on Free Ride Mode.q
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  • Alternative Outfits

    Highlight Competition at the main menu and press Down, R1, Up, R1, Down, R2, Up,R2, Up, Up, R1, Down, Down, R2.
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  • Get Boss Without Winning Tournament

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  • Freestyle Board

    Finish the Freestyle mode in 1st place in the TRICK category in 5 courses.
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  • All Around SP Board

    Finish Freestyle Mode in 1st place in the TOTAL category in 5 courses
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  • Alpine SP Board

    Finish the Freestyle mode in 1st place with the TIME category in 5 courses
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