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Chicago 1930 Cheats

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    Entry location: Press the F11 key to get the console then type in a code below and press ENTER to finish:
    GHOST - Invisibility
    DISPLAY - Shows all characters
    BINGO - Ammunition
    WINNER - Win level
    IMMUNITY - PC's invulnerable.
    BLOOD - See blood.
    WEAPON - Get a weapon (+ weapon ID).
    MATRIX - Get unlimited slow motion time.
    CHROMA - Change the color of one PC on the fly.
    OPTIMIZE - Try to optimize the custom memory manager.
    CESTLAZONE - Display script zones.
    I AM THE WINNER - Win the campaign!
    CAMPAIGN - Load campaign values (CAMPAIGN FILENAME)
    PCSIGHT - Enable PC view cone
    LIGHT - Display light zones
    REPORT - Complete campaign state report
    SEEKANDDESTROY - Display all seek points
    SARKOZY - Securization of all memory allocation !
    LUKAS - Knock out a PC.
    WIN - Win this mission !
    WAKEUP - When the currently selected NPC is sleeping, he wakes up.
    UBIQUITY - Unblip all actors.
    STATUS PC - Display the current status of all PC
    STATUS SHADOW - Get Information about the sprite cache.
    STATUS HARDWARE - Get information about the hardware used.
    STATUS FRAMECACHE - Get information about the current sprite caching system.
    SPHERE - Display the shadow polygon sphere.
    SHADOW - Display the free shadow polygon.
    SAN PETRUS - Make all selected PC go to paradise.
    ROTER ALARM - Alert all NPCs in the level
    RAILROAD - Display railroads.
    PROJECTION - Show all 3D-projection areas.
    PAMELA ANDERSON - Make the soldiers stupid in close combat.
    NUKE - Kill all opponent in the level.
    NOISE - Display ranges of walk noise of the PCs.
    MOTION - Show all motion obstacles & doors.
    MORPHEUS - Knock out selected NPC
    MISTER SANDMAN - The PCs make a little nap.
    LOOSE - Loose this mission !
    LEVEL TEXT - Display all texts for the current level
    LAST MAN STANDING - Beam all but the selected NPC to Honolulu
    HONOLULU - Beam the selected NPC to Honolulu
    HIGHLANDER2 - All adversaries become invulnerable.
    HIGHLANDER - All PCs become invulnerable.
    HELP - Display this help.
    HADES - Kill selected NPC
    GOLDENEYE - Make all PCs invisible for other characters.
    FULLHOUSE - Give all PCs ammunition for all actions.
    FREEZE - Freeze / unfrost all NPCs in the level.
    FORGET - Check the current state of the memory
    FPS - Display the FPS rate
    EZB - Gives money
    EULER - Show the graph of the pathfinder.
    ELEVATION - Display bonds (yellow, red when crossed), character elevation (blue) and character movement (white).
    EINSTEIN - Show all 3D-obstacles !
    DIES IRAE - Divine intervention against enemies.
    COMPANIES - Display the company numbers
    CALL - Call a PC's method
    BUD SPENCER - Stun all opponents.
    BIG BROTHER - Display some actor infos.
    BABYLON - Display all NPC remarks on screen.
    AWARE - Display all NPCs
    ALARM - Reinforcement arriving...
    AI - Display AI information.
    Submitted by joshua

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