Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies - JFK, Nixon, Castro and McNamara team up to explode undead skulls

Real, Cold War politicians are your Black Ops Zombie heroes. Surprised much?

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It all starts out innocently enough. The opening cut-scene depicts the President, ex-President, Foreign Secretary and Cuban Prime Minister holding heated talks in the White House/Pentagon (it's not entirely clear which) in order to smooth over that little incident with the Cuban missiles. But before diplomacy can take hold, the four are brought together by a far stronger bond. The lifelong brotherhood than can only come from banding together to see off a zombie invasion. You know, just like happened in actual history and stuff.

Seriously, that just happened. Mad? Yes. Brilliant? Certainly. We're particularly taken by the Kennedy-specific one-liners, and we can't wait to hear Nixon's no-doubt slightly mental battle cries. So, excited by Black Ops' spin on CoD Zombies? Mind blown by its execution? And who's your top choice for political zombie-killing action hero?


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