Available on: PS1, GBA, PC

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Bust A Move 2 Cheats

  • Skip Levels

    During gameplay hold E + W to skip levels
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  • Extra Levels

    At the main screen press A, Up, B, Down
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  • Harder Difficulty

    At the main screen press A+B
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  • Passwords for time trial

    20 DINO
    30 SHAM
    50 CHUN CHUN
    60 MAITA
    80 BUBLEN
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  • More Credits

    On the options screen, enter:Left, Right, R1, R2, L2, L1, Up, Down.Then rapidly press X and watch your credits rise.It helps if you have a turbo pad, it is possible to go up to 30 credits.
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  • New World Mode

    At the selection screen, enter:R1, Up, L2, Down.The little green wizard character will appear in thebottom-right of the screen to let you know that the cheat has worked.The single-player 'STORY MODE' should now read 'ANOTHER WORLD'which contains diffrent, more challenging levels.
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Available Platforms: PS1, GBA, PC