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Brahma Force Cheats

  • Hard Mode

    Press L1, R1, L2, R2, square, X, triangle, circle on the press start screen.
    Submitted by sam scott

    To make this game a little easier, put in this trick. Go to the title screen with the "Press Start Button" flashing. At this screen, hold Up-Right+X+Square. While holding these, press Start. You'll hear a slightly different selection sound than normal. Begin your game and you will notice some new aspects about the level. The enemies will beeasier to kill, you have more time to complete the level, and the enemies will leave more powerful items behind. This will make thegame less challenging, but it will give you the advantage to win it with a little more ease.
    Submitted by None

    To get a Special Menu in the game Brahma Force, you must finish the entire game within two hours. Keep the memory card, which hasthe Clear Data, inside the slot. While the "Press Start Button" atthe Title Screen is flashing, press Start. The system will check forsave data. A new option named "Special" will appear underneath the other options. Highlight and enter this special mode. You will now have access to a Stage Select, Stream View Mode (see all the full-motion video from the game), XA Test Mode (test out all of the voiceacting from the game), and the SE Test Mode (test all the soundeffects in the game). To turn on Map Viewpoint Control, begin your game and press Start to get the Command Screen. Highlight "Map" andenter this mode. Press Select to stop the map rotation. Now you can use the control pad and the top L and P buttons to move yourselffreely all around the map. To return to the Title Screen, pressL1+R1+L2+R2+Select at the same time.
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