Available on: N64

Big Mountain Cheats, Codes & Guides

Big Mountain Cheats

  • All Levels

    To get all level cheat code. First go to the screen where you choose you're level to board on then hold the top "L" button on top and hold on to it then you must press "z" button quickly and press the "top C button" then press c down then you should have the code....
    Submitted by DR.Dick Face
  • Mirror Stages

    To get Mirror Stages you must beat the regular Stages 1-4 the after the credits a screen pops up and says now you can select the mirror stages by pressing Z. This works in Time Attack, 2 player, and Championship modes.
    Submitted by sniperb16
  • Hidden Characters

    After beating the Mirror Track (stages 1-4)with Skier and Boarder, watch the credits and another screen will pop up that says you can select the hidden characters. the bear, robot, and the disco guy)
    Submitted by sniperb16

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Available Platforms: N64