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Beach Spikers Cheats, Codes & Guides

Beach Spikers faqs

Beach Spikers Cheats

  • Passwords

    Put in the following passwords to get the uniforms indicated
    ARAKATA Get Space Channel 5 uniforms 111-113, hair 76 & face 52
    DAYTONA Daytona USA uniforms 107-108
    JUSTICE Virtua Cop uniforms 105-106, sunglasses 94
    OHTORII SEGA uniforms 116-117
    FVIPERS Fighting Vipers uniforms 109-110, hair 75, face 51
    PHANTA2 Phantasy Star Online uniforms 114-115, hair 77, face 53
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Beach Spikers Unlockables

  • More Uniforms

    Beat World Tour to get uniforms 96-102, sunglasses 86-93 & hair 71-74

    Beat Arcade mode 1 time to get Uniforms 87-88, 2 times to get 90-91, 3 times to get 93-94 and 4 times for 103-104

    Beat Dural Team in World Tour to get faces 54-55
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