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Bass Hunter 64 Cheats

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    All Lakes : ALLDLAKES
    Extra Money: ALLDCASH
    Slow Boat: WHATADRAG
    Fast Boat: HYPERBOAT
    Bath Tub Boat: RUBADUBDUB
    No Snags While Fishing: BAGDSNAGS
    Unbreakable Line: SUPERSTRING
    Large Fish: MONDOFISH
    Less Fish: WHEREDFISH
    Easy To Catch Fish: SUPERLURE
    Fish More Active: HAPPYFISH
    Catch a Linder: FISHMAN(fish have Al Linder's head)
    No Penaltys During Tournament: NOPENALTY
    Win Current Tournament: IWINIWIN
    New Silly Sound: SILLYSOUND
    Better bait: SUPERBAIT
    55 Pounds of Fish: GIMMEDFISH
    Submitted by Brian Meyer

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