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Backyard Soccer Cheats, Codes & Guides

Backyard Soccer Cheats

  • Get All Levels

    Entry location: Place the ball out of bounds then press Shift + Enter + Tab
    Submitted by None

Backyard Soccer Hints

  • Get Mr. Clanky

    In exhibition mode go to the clubhouse trophy case and hold SHIFT and click on Mr. Clanky
    Submitted by None
  • Score a lot of goals!

    In a game, dribble it down the sideline towards their end.Get pretty close to where you take corner kicks and lob it into the middle by putting the X by one of your players. Then quickly put the X in the goal
    Submitted by Snoop's peep
  • Ultimate Team

    Pueoble S.(bald kid in hat,Speaks Spanish)midfeilder+forword,Ricky J.(tall kid, oval head)midfielder+forword,Kenny K. (Kid in wheelchair)forword+Midfeilder,Lisa ???(girl with big glasses)Dante robinson(kid in affro, always eating)defender+goalie, Stephine M.(girl in baseball cap) Goalie only!!!,Amir&Achemed K., kid in Headphones, kid who looks like kid in headphones
    Submitted by B$B

Backyard Soccer Unlockables

  • Get Pizza Party

    Finish the entire season
    Submitted by None
  • Unlock the "International Tournament" teams

    Win the "International Tournament" in The P Division to play against all of the International teams including the "Fancy Pandas" from China, "Garlic Gladiators" from Rome, "Funky Pharos" from Egypt and many more.
    Submitted by None
  • Unlock other teams

    Get to the P Division to play against the "Ticklish Tornadoes", "Salty Sea Cows", "Screaming Chihuahuas", "Spiffy Penguins", "Lumpy Gravies", and all the MLS Teams.
    Submitted by Brandon Robinson
  • Unlock the "Indoor Off The Wall Invitational" teams

    Win the "Indoor Off The Wall Invitational Tournament" to play against the "Rug Burners", "Carpet Sweepers", "Turf Mowers" and "Abominable Cherry-Pickers".
    Submitted by Brandon Robinson

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