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Astro Boy: Omega Factor Cheats, Codes & Guides

Astro Boy: Omega Factor Hints

  • Level 0-4 Required Steps

    1. Meet Magma first! If he's already in the Omega Factor, you don't need to visit the elevator stage again.
    2. Go to stage 0-4 and meet Boon.
    3. Go to the Great Pyramid stage (6-something) and talk to Don Dracula. He'll tell Atom about Sharaku's secret.
    4. Return to stage 0-4 and you'll get Boon for the Omega Factor.
    5. Check your Atom Heart (or Omega Factor) by pressing the select button. 1. If Blue Knight and Duke Red do not have colored faces, go to stage 0-2. 2.. If Boon doesn't have a colored face, check the section for stage 0-4 and follow the steps to finish ALL events. Stage 0-4 is officially cleared when Boon has a colored face.
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  • Unlock 0-3 Stage

    Finish all events in levels 0-2 and 0-4
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Astro Boy: Omega Factor Unlockables

  • Unlock Sharaku

    Beat the game and wait for all the credits to finish. Now Sharaku will be unlocked
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  • Get Level Select

    Finish the game one time using normal mode
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