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Army Men: Green Rouge Cheats, Codes & Guides

Army Men: Green Rouge Cheats


    Shoot the barrel on the turrets about ten times. To do that hold L1 and use the right analog stick to move your aim.
    To destroy the bunkers you must first beat all the blue guys that come out. Then shoot the top piece of the bunkers it should blow up. The bunkers at the end of level five.
    To beat Trollo you must press L1 then shoot his hair it takes about 10 times. He's going to throw fire balls at you so counter it by pressing L1 and shoot
    The Shark Sub
    To beat the shark sub, you must beat all the tan men that come out. Then hold L1 to aim high, and aim with 2nd analog control stick moving it left and right. Now just shoot the turrets on top of the shark sub to sink it. The shark sub is found at the end of level 2.
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Available Platforms: PS2